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This week: One Spirit Tasting and Two Wine Tatstings!
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-This Week's Tastings-
Thursday: French Wine
Friday: Italian Wine
Saturday: Domestic, French, and Italian Wine

This Thursday We Welcome 
Colin from Kinson
Pouring Three French Wines

Dom Champeau Pouilly Fume 2014 $18.99

This Sauvignon Blanc comes from the appellation of Pouilly Fume in the Loire valley of central France. Pouilly Fume is a neighbor to the Sancerre appellation and shares a mineral quality to their wines, but Pouilly Fume is know for it's distinctive "Gun Flint", smokey aroma. Domaine Champeau delivers these mineral qualities as well as delicate fruit and floral notes. 

Michel Fonne Gewurztraminer 2014 $14.99

This Gewurztraminer comes from the Alsace region of Northeastern France. Alsace holds the largest  area of Gewurztraminer plantings in the world and has several Grand Cru designated sites for the grape. Michel Fonne studied Oenology in Dijon and trained as a winemaker in Alexander Valley, California. His Gewurtz shows classic tropical fruit notes, typical Alsatian richness, and persistent spice. 

Domaine Poulleau Père & Fils Volnay 2015 

We are opening this bottle to prep you for the holiday season. It is an age-worthy Pinot Noir from the Commune of Volnay in the Cote de Beaune of Burgundy, France. Volnay is know for lighter hued red wines with subtlety and delicate aromas. The Poulleau is a great example of Volnay with lovely complexity that is showing well now, but has potential to develop over time.


This Friday We Welcome 
Daniella From Domenico Valentino 
Pouring Wines From Italy

Marotti Campi, Lacrima di Morro d'Alba Orgiolo 2015

Lacrima is an indigenous grape to Italy's Marche region. Once widely grown in the region it is now almost exclusively grown in the commune of Morro d'Alba by a few determined winemakers looking to keep the varietal alive. Marotti Campi is one of those producers and they work almost exclusively with the grape. Whether you're familiar with the varietal or looking for an introduction this is a must try. The Morro d'Alba Orgiolo has pretty floral aromatics leading into fruit, violets and a solid acidic backbone. A bottle that's pleasant on its own but truly shines with food! 

Massoferrato Toscana Sangiovese 2014 
The Massoferrato Tuscan estate is located in Impruneta which is south of Florence. The intention of the winery is to produce high quality, well priced wines that transport you to the Tuscan countryside. This bottle hits that mark. An impressive Sangiovese that's young, fresh and expressive! 

Terre Montefili Chianti Classico 2013 $25.99

Chianti is made throughout the Tuscany region but the Chianti Classico region is the oldest,and considered by many, to be the best Chianti producing zone. This bottle from Terre Montefili delivers a classic style with red fruit, clove, herbal notes and acidity all in perfect harmony.

This Saturday We Welcome
Jeff from MFW 
Pouring Domestic, French, and Italian Wine

Nuo Vermentino Di Sardinia, 2014 $16.99

In the last few years Orange Wines have been getting a lot of attention. The process to make these wines is to let white grapes ferment with the skins and seeds in a large vessel. The longer the skin contact, the more more robust and intense the wine. This process results in some wonderfully distinctive whites but may also be a bit much for the uninitiated. For those looking to explore this style but wanting to ease into it this makes for a great entry point. With six to eight hours of skin contact, the Nuo has increased depth and texture but is not overly bold. Orange wines also go great with heavier foods not usually paired with white wines. 

Farmstrong Field White 2014 

Every once in a while we discover a wine so special and unique we have to share with our customers. The Farmstrong Field White Blend is such a wine. This California white is made from Grenache Blanc, Albariño, and Verdelho, three grapes not found often in the region, much less blended together. This wine has a great round mouthfeel with a palate of stone fruit, citrus and touch of minerality. There's a lot going on with this wine! 

Bernard Vallette Gamay Quatre Saisons 13 

This Biodynamically farmed Gamay comes to us from the Beaujolais appellation of Burgundy, France. Unlike most of Beaujolais Bernard's 6.5 hectare of land has clay and limestone soils, as opposed to the standard granite. Carbonic maceration (when fermentation begins in the grape before the juice is pressed out) helps the Quatre Saisons show generous, juicy, fruit notes and creates easy drinking wine with low tannin.  

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Wine Podcasts

Ever wonder about the people behind that bottle on your table? We frequently listen to podcast interviews with the winemakers we carry in the store. 

Bill Easton is the proprietor and winemaker at both Easton Wines and Domaine de la Terre Rouge in Amador County, California.

Bill describes an era of post-Prohibition California winemaking that has largely disappeared, and explains why he decided to pioneer Rhone grape varieties in a corner of the state that was little known. Bill also is frank about his stylistic choices, and his decision not to embrace the fashionable 1990s style of big wines.

We carry several of Bill's Wines :

Terre Rouge, Tete-A-Tete GSM 2011 

Terre Rouge, Syrah Les Cotes De L'Ouest 

Terre Rouge Old Vines Mourvedre 2011 

Easton Amador County Zinfandel 2013 

New World Winners !

These wines feature grapes and regions you're probably familiar with, but these bottles feature grapes not common in the regions they come from. 


Gruner Veltliner is a grape grown primarily in Austria. We sell not one, but two domestic versions. 

Baker and Brain Gruner Veltliner 2014 $14.99

This bottle is a light and zesty and should please fans of Austrian Gruner. 

Tatomer Gruner Veltliner Meeresboden 2015

Tatomer delivers a Gruner with much more complexity. With ripe, tangy fruit, and a mineral finish, this is a beautiful expression of the grape and proves that even outside of Austria,quality Gruner is possible. 


Zorzal, Eggo Tupungato Franco 2016 

Malbec is the most popular red wine in Argentina with Bonarda and Cabernet Sauvignon gaining in popularity, but Cabernet Franc remains on the fringe. This bottle shows Argentina is capable of producing a high quality wine from the grape. Fermentation and aging in cement results in a wine with good weight and body, but also freshness and elegance. A serious wine that tastes great!   

Altocedro Tempranillo 2013 

This Tempranillo from Argentina is a bit more round and intense than its Spanish counterpart, but it's a bottle well worth exploring to discover a slightly different expression of the grape. 


Punt Road Airlie Bank Cabernet Franc 2016 

Another off-the-beaten path Cabernet Franc, this one from Australia. Unfiltered and unfined, the Punt Road Cabernet Franc is rustic, yet has a fresh, juicy quality with great fruit, clove, and a bit of earth.  

Simon Hackett Old Vine Grenache 2011 $17.99

Finally we offer a Grenache from Australia that has a pretty fruit bouquet and simply put, is just delicious. 

Fall Wines!

Jean Masson Cuvée Centenaire 2013

Jean Masson is making excellent mineral driven white wines in the Savoy region of Eastern France. The Cuvee Centenaire is made from 100% Jaquere (a local grape to savoy). Most whites with a floral nose and citrus, mineral driven palates might make you think "Summer Wine". However, the body and texture on this one are great as the weather cools down (eventually). 

Te Mata Gamay Noir 2015 

This Gammy Noir comes from New Zealand and has dark fruit, light earth, and is absolutely delicious. If you like Pinot Noir, we suggest you give this bottle a try. 

Peter Zemmer Schiava Gentile 2014

When looking for an Italian wine, Schiava may not be the first grape that comes to mind, but for anyone looking for a red to transition from warm to cold weather this is your bottle. This pleasant and easy drinking wine has red berry notes and fresh acidity. Give it a slight chill and enjoy with a bowl of pasta. 

Celler Carlania, Petit Carlania 2014 

This Spanish Trepat always reminds me of fall with it's striking earthy tones, like the striking oranges and yellows of the changing leaves. The perfect wine for those flannel-wearing, leave-raking, porch-sitting days. 

Rosi Schuster Rotburger 2015 

 Rotburger is the orignal name for Zwiegelt, a crossing of St. Laurent and Blaufrankish, and the most widely grown grape in Austria. While most Zwigelt wines are known for their bright red fruit notes, Rosi Schuster's also offers a delightful game component. A fantastic pairing with fall appetizers, squash, and charcuterie.

Terre Rouge, Tete-A-Tete GSM 2011 

This Rhone Style blend is made from primarily Mourvedre with smaller amounts of Grenache and Syrah. Rich and savory it's the perfect fall wine if you're looking for something full but not too heavy. 

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