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This week: One Spirit Tasting and Two Wine Tatstings!
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This Week's Tastings: 
Thursday: Van Brunt Stillhouse
Friday: French & Italian Wines
Saturday: Spirits 

This Thursday We Welcome
Van Brunt Stillhouse 

The name Van Brunt Stillhouse comes from Cornelius Van Brunt, one of the founding fathers of Brooklyn.  

Van Brunt Stillhouse Bourbon 750 ML

The bourbon has an oak and vanilla smell with tasting notes of vanilla, spice, and fruit on the finish.  

Van Brunt Stillhouse Rye 750 ML

 Made with 100% rye mash- bill. Light rye spice with a floral finish. 

Van Brunt Stillhouse American Whisky 50ML

This american whiskey is made from mainly malted barley and wheat with a touch of corn and rye. It is malty and grainy with an herbal finish.   

Van Brunt Stillhouse Single Malt 

Van Brunt Stillhouse single malt is made from 100% malted barley and age 9 months in charred oak barrels. There is oak on the nose and mid palate, and  an easy finish. 

This Friday We Welcome
Chris Hiatt From William's Corner
Pouring Wines From France & Italy

Le Chaz, Vin De Pays D'Oc Blanc 2015 $10.99

This white blend from the south coast of France is made from Vermentino, Chardonnay, and Sauvignon Blanc grapes. It is a refreshing "go to" summer white.  

Mourat Muscadet Gorges 2010 

There are seven years of bottle age on this Muscadet from the Loire valley in France. The Age as well as substantial time on lees prior to bottling turn this muscadet from a standard crisp table wine, to a beautiful, rounded, and complex wine experience.  

Bocchino Arduine Barbera D'Asti 2015 $13.99

Bocchino winery is located in Piedmonte between the rugged landscape of Langhe and the rolling hills of Monferrato. These two different landscapes provide the foundation for their wonderful wines. Their Arduine Barbera is full flavored with fresh and juicy red fruit and plum. This is a Barbera that delivers a whole lotta bang for the buck!  


This Saturday 
We Welcome Ginger From Skurnik Wine & Spirits 
Pouring Wide Array of Spirits

Agave De Cortes Joven Mezcal 750

Made from 100% Espadin mezcal and aged in American oak. Smoke lays the grown work on the nose, on the palate lemon grass and mineral driven with a smokey finish.   
Square One Basil Vodka 750

Infused basil vodka is made with four basil varieties genovese, thai, lemon, and sweet. It shows aromas of spice and  lemongrass with basil and pepper on the palate. 

Reisetbauer Blue Gin 750

Austrian made gin, dry style using 27 different botanicals.  On the nose you get juniper with a floral spice and the taste is peppery with a smooth finish.

Rhum Damoiseau Agricole VSOP 750

Made from distilled sugarcane juice, then aged in oak for 4 years. Aromas of oak and fruit with the taste of dry spice and caramel lingering in the finish  

Current Wine News: 

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New Arrivals: 
Australia & New Zealand!

Australia and New Zealand are regions that have made their names with specific grapes. Shiraz for the former and Sauvignon Blanc for the latter. Although these wines can be quite tasty, and we have a few examples of them, we're always on the lookout for other standout varietals from those regions. Here's our most recent selection of Aussie and Kiwi wines


Tim Smith Bugalugs Shiraz 2014 

Tim Smith started his career at Yalumba, Australia's oldest and one of it's most successful wineries. He eventually decided to forge his own path and open his own winery. His Bugulugs Shiraz is aged in older barrels then bottled early which lets the deep, rich fruit shine with the oak adding spice and just the right amount of tannin. 

Yering Station Shiraz-Viognier 2014 $16.99

Another stand-out Shiraz, this one from Yerring station. Shiraz (also know as Syrah in France) and Viognier are two grapes that grow along side each other in the Côte-Rôtie region of France's Northern Rhône Valley. Winemakers were allowed to blend up to 20% of the white grape with the Syrah. Although not as common in France anymore, it's a practice picked up by some Australian winemakers. The addition of Viognier adds aromatics as well as a softness to the full bodied Shiraz. The Yearing Station is a smooth and full showing black raspberry, plum and spice.

Kalleske Barossa Clarry's GSM 2014 $26.99

This wine also gets its influence from France's Rhone Valley. GSM(Grenache, Syrah, and Mourvedre) is a classic blend from the region. This fruit driven wine has notes of clove, licorice, and a solid tannic structure

Stella Bella Skuttlebutt Cabernet Sauvignon-Shiraz 2014

This blend contains equal parts Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz. The unique winemaking process includes picking the grapes at various ripeness. Then some of the batches are pressed early and fermented in oak while others batches were kept on their skins for an extended period during fermentation. This results in a lush wine with a full yet gentle palate of dark fruit and soft spice. 


Kumeu River Chardonnay Village 2012 $190.99

If you haven't tried a New Zealand Chardonnay, here's your chance. While many New Zealand winemakers focus on Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Noir and then dabble in other grapes, at Kumeu River, Chardonnay is their main focus. The entry-level Chardonnay from the winery displays fruit, solid citrus and crisp acidity and hits that sweet spot between Old and New World Chardonnay.   

Te Mata Hawks Bay Sauvignon Blanc 2013 

Every once in a while we try a wine and know instantly it's one we want to share with our customers. We sample many New Zealand Sauvignon Blancs which are good but also have a certain "sameness" about them. Not this beauty. A wonderfully complex and refreshing Sauvignon Blanc which gets added weight and texture with the inclusion of Semillion and Sauvignon Gris. A Sauvignon Blanc that's more Bordeaux than New Zealand. 

Wild River Mount Brown Pinot Noir 2013

A common phrase used to describe New Zealand Pinot Noir is "Structure and elegance meets power and intensity". The Wild River Pinot Noir has red fruit, a touch of spice, bright acidity and delivers a Pinot Noir fitting of that description.  

Wine Podcasts

Ever wonder about the people behind that bottle on your table? We frequently listen to podcast interviews with the winemakers we carry in the store. 

Stellios Boutaris is the owner of the Kir-Yianni Estate in northwestern Greece. 

We have one of his white wines:

Paranga Kir-Yianni 2015

Wine News & Articles

We read a lot of wine articles around here. If you'd like to see what we've been reading lately, check out my "Flipboard" Magazine!

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