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This week: One Spirit Tasting and Two Wine Tatstings!
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This Week's Tastings: 
Friday: Italian Wines from Puglia!
Saturday: Italian, Domestic & French Wines!


This Thursday We Welcome 
Jennifer Brooks
From Jan D'Amore Wines
Pouring Italian Wines From 

Here at Windsor Wine we seek out smaller, lesser known wineries and this tasting will feature wines from one of our favorites. Located in Puglia, Polvanera was founded in 2000 by Filppo Cassano with a mission to produce a different expression of the Primitivo grape. After some experimentation, the solution was minimal intervention and the use of stainless steel letting the grape express it's true style. This is now the philosophy throughout the winery, as none of the wines ever see any oak. And as an added bonus, they also work organically. We think you'll enjoy these wine as much as we do. 

Polvanera Primitivo Brut Rose NV

This Sparkling Primitivo is a dry, full bodied rose with fruit to spare.  Polvanera is the only producer we have come across that makes a Primitivo in the sparkling style, and it's definitely worth a taste.

Polvanera Minutolo 2015 

Minutolo is a seldom seen varietal but deserves your attention. It produces aromatic, expressive wines and this bottle is an excellent example of the style. A pretty bouquet leads to a palate of fresh peach and lychee. This is a beautiful wine! 

Polvanera Primitivo "14" 2013 

Primitvo is the same grape as Zinfandel but delivers a different style than it's California counterpart, especially in the hands of Polvanera. This is a Primitvo that's smooth and approachable but not simple. A wine with nice depth showing fresh fruit and black pepper.

This Friday We Welcome
Jeff Russell
From MFW 
Pouring Wines From Italy, California & France

Nuo Vermentino Di Sardinia, 2014 

Vermentino is one of the most popular white grapes grown on the Island of Sardina. It typically produces light, easy drinking wines. For those looking for a version that's a little more interesting, this is your bottle. 6-8 hours skin contact results in a deeper color as well as added depth and texture. The palate has notes of apple and apricot with a touch of salinty. Pairs nicely with both meat and seafood. 

Farmstrong Field White 2014 

Some wines have a distinct personality while others display multitudes. The Farmstrong Field White is such a wine. The uniqueness of this wine comes from the interesting blend of grapes. Grenache Blac, brings aromatics and roundness, Albarino delivers citrus and minerality, and finally Verdelho adds stone fruit. Don't miss your chance to try this wonderful domestic white blend. 

Bernard Vallette Gamay Quatre Saisons 2013 

We finish the tasting with a red wine from Beaujolais in Burgundy, France made with Gamay grapes. This producer uses biodynamic wine making methods, a holistic approach to farming in a sustainable way. The wine also starts fermentation inside the individual grape making for a very fruit driven wine with plenty of character.     

Current Wine News: 

A discussion of the confusing term "Minerality" and what might contribute to finding it in a wine.

Let's Be Clear: Bad Wines Are Bad Wines, Period 

Eric Asimov denounces critical praise for artificially made wines. He argues that they hurt consumers and critics.

When consumers think Australian wine they usually think Shiraz but with more than 60 regions and 155 grape varieties, they don't want to be defined by a single varietal. 

Wine ratings: Buyer beware, choosing a wine isn't about the best wine, it's about the right wine.  

New Zealand is now the third most imported wine (behind France and Italy) into the United states even though it produces less than 1% of the world's wines.


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Wine Podcasts

Ever wonder about the people behind that bottle on your table? We frequently listen to podcast interviews with the winemakers we carry in the store. 

Stellios Boutaris is the owner of the Kir-Yianni Estate in northwestern Greece.

We carry one of her wines:

Paranga 2015

This wine shows bright citrus notes with a little earth. It is similar to Sauvignon Blanc.
New Arrivals: 
Australia & New Zealand!

Australia and New Zealand are regions that have made their names with specific grapes. Shiraz for the former and Sauvignon Blanc for the latter. Although these wines can be quite tasty, and we have a few examples of them, we're always on the lookout for other standout varietals from those regions. Here's our most recent selection of Aussie and Kiwi wines


Tim Smith Bugalugs Shiraz 2014 

Tim Smith started his career at Yalumba, Australia's oldest and one of it's most successful wineries. He eventually decided to forge his own path and open his own winery. His Bugulugs Shiraz is aged in older barrels then bottled early which lets the deep, rich fruit shine with the oak adding spice and just the right amount of tannin. 

Yering Station Shiraz-Viognier 2014 $16.99

Another stand-out Shiraz, this one from Yerring station. Shiraz (also know as Syrah in France) and Viognier are two grapes that grow along side each other in the Côte-Rôtie region of France's Northern Rhône Valley. Winemakers were allowed to blend up to 20% of the white grape with the Syrah. Although not as common in France anymore, it's a practice picked up by some Australian winemakers. The addition of Viognier adds aromatics as well as a softness to the full bodied Shiraz. The Yearing Station is a smooth and full showing black raspberry, plum and spice.

Kalleske Barossa Clarry's GSM 2014 $26.99

This wine also gets its influence from France's Rhone Valley. GSM(Grenache, Syrah, and Mourvedre) is a classic blend from the region. This fruit driven wine has notes of clove, licorice, and a solid tannic structure

Stella Bella Skuttlebutt Cabernet Sauvignon-Shiraz 2014

This blend contains equal parts Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz. The unique winemaking process includes picking the grapes at various ripeness. Then some of the batches are pressed early and fermented in oak while others batches were kept on their skins for an extended period during fermentation. This results in a lush wine with a full yet gentle palate of dark fruit and soft spice. 


Kumeu River Chardonnay Village 2012 $190.99

If you haven't tried a New Zealand Chardonnay, here's your chance. While many New Zealand winemakers focus on Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Noir and then dabble in other grapes, at Kumeu River, Chardonnay is their main focus. The entry-level Chardonnay from the winery displays fruit, solid citrus and crisp acidity and hits that sweet spot between Old and New World Chardonnay.   

Te Mata Hawks Bay Sauvignon Blanc 2013 

Every once in a while we try a wine and know instantly it's one we want to share with our customers. We sample many New Zealand Sauvignon Blancs which are good but also have a certain "sameness" about them. Not this beauty. A wonderfully complex and refreshing Sauvignon Blanc which gets added weight and texture with the inclusion of Semillion and Sauvignon Gris. A Sauvignon Blanc that's more Bordeaux than New Zealand. 

Wild River Mount Brown Pinot Noir 2013

A common phrase used to describe New Zealand Pinot Noir is "Structure and elegance meets power and intensity". The Wild River Pinot Noir has red fruit, a touch of spice, bright acidity and delivers a Pinot Noir fitting of that description.  

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