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This week: One Spirit Tasting and Two Wine Tatstings!
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-This Week's Tastings-
Thursday: New World Wines
Friday: French & California Wines
Saturday: Lo-Fi Brand Aperitifs

This Thursday We Welcome 
Nick from Communal Pouring Wines From New Zealand & California

OCD Marlborough Pinot Noir 2015 $15.99 

New Zealand Pinot is on the rise and for those not familiar with wines from the region, the OCD makes for a good entry-level bottle. Coming from cool climate Marlborough it's light, fresh, and juicy displaying bright red fruit and a bit of spice.
Grapesmith & Crusher Cab Sauvignon 2015 

The arrival of cooler weather also marks the arrival of "Cab Season". While this may be the time of year to splurge on a high-end cab, you'll also need your everyday go-to bottle and for that we offer the Grapesmith & Crusher. Fruit, cassis, vanilla, and pepper come together in this full yet approachable Cabernet.

Rasa Vineyards QED Cabernet Franc 2013 

Cabernet Franc is the 4th most planted red grape in Washington and is typically used as a blending grape. It is lesser known as a single varietal. But the Rasa QED Cab Franc shows a quality expression is possible in the region. It comes from the Wahluke Slope AVA where the heat accumulation is similar to Bordeaux. This gives it a similar structure to Bordeaux while delivering a power and richness associated with New World wines. You could say this bottle delivers the best of both worlds. 


This Friday We Welcome 
Chris from Williams Corner
Pouring Wines From France & Califoria

Francois Diligent, Champagne Brut NV $36.99 

Champagne isn't just for New Year's Eve, especially with an under $40 price tag. This is a beauty of a bottle with apple and floral notes with a tremendous finish.

Domaine Du Trapadis, CDR Cairanne 2013 

Trapadis comes from the Rhone region of eastern france. It is made from a blend of Grenache, Syrah, and Cinsault. The wine shows great depth with a savory finish.

Falfas Bordeaux Côtes de Bourg 2012 375ML 

Is there a romantic date night on your holiday gift list? This half bottle of Bordeaux would be the perfect pair with a candle light and home cooked steak dinner. It's also a great way to have that glass of wine with dinner with no leftovers. The Falfas is an excellent example of the area with a powerful earthy drive and touches of plum. 

Central Coast Project Names Syrah 2012 

The Central Coast Group Project, located in Santa Barbara, is a boutique producer of fine wines and they have an uncommon approach to winemaking. They take old school, primitive techniques to punk rock extremes. In addition, no matter who makes the wine, it's a group effort. Members of the CCP group include everyone from fellow winemakers, chefs, sommeliers, to everyday drinkers. A unique approach that results in a very unique wine. This savory Syrah, which includes 5% Viognier, is herbaceous with flavors of black fruit, smoke, and a satisfyingly long finish. This is a young, powerful Syrah that was built last. So give this a decant and drink now or store away for rewards down the line. 

This Saturday We Welcome
Claire From Lo-Fi Brand Aperitifs Pouring Vermouth

Dry Vermouth  

This Vermouth has sweet anise and coriander aromas. With dried  fruit, balanced spice, and hints of elderflower on the palate. Pairs well with rye whiskey, dry cider, and gin 

Sweet Vermouth 

This sweet vermouth adds some cream sherry to the blend for a rich character. It has a nose of  rhubarb with flavors of cherry bark, vanilla, and spice. Great for cocktails with whiskey, tequila, mezcal, and gin 

Gentian Amaro 

This California based Amaro can pair well with sparkling wine and whiskey.  It shows grapefruit and almond notes with balanced bitterness and a sweet citrus nose.  

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Featured Wine !

With the holiday season fast approaching we thought it would be great to show off some of our finest bottles, and using the Coravin we can do so over several days without sacrificing quality.  

Zorzal, Eggo Tupungato Franco 2016 $29.99  
This Cabernet Franc from Argentina is fermented in cement eggs with some of the stems included and 50% of grape skins kept in contact. After three to four months, the grapes are pressed and then put back in the eggs where they remain until bottling.  The absence of oak results in a full yet fresh and elegant wine displaying fruit, spice, and earth.  
Fall Wines!

Jean Masson Cuvée Centenaire 2013

Jean Masson is making excellent mineral driven white wines in the Savoy region of Eastern France. The Cuvee Centenaire is made from 100% Jaquere (a local grape to savoy). Most whites with a floral nose and citrus, mineral driven palates might make you think "Summer Wine". However, the body and texture on this one are great as the weather cools down (eventually). 

Te Mata Gamay Noir 2015 

This Gammy Noir comes from New Zealand and has dark fruit, light earth, and is absolutely delicious. If you like Pinot Noir, we suggest you give this bottle a try. 

Peter Zemmer Schiava Gentile 2014

When looking for an Italian wine, Schiava may not be the first grape that comes to mind, but for anyone looking for a red to transition from warm to cold weather this is your bottle. This pleasant and easy drinking wine has red berry notes and fresh acidity. Give it a slight chill and enjoy with a bowl of pasta. 

Celler Carlania, Petit Carlania 2014 

This Spanish Trepat always reminds me of fall with it's striking earthy tones, like the striking oranges and yellows of the changing leaves. The perfect wine for those flannel-wearing, leave-raking, porch-sitting days. 

Rosi Schuster Rotburger 2015 

 Rotburger is the orignal name for Zwiegelt, a crossing of St. Laurent and Blaufrankish, and the most widely grown grape in Austria. While most Zwigelt wines are known for their bright red fruit notes, Rosi Schuster's also offers a delightful game component. A fantastic pairing with fall appetizers, squash, and charcuterie.

Terre Rouge, Tete-A-Tete GSM 2011 

This Rhone Style blend is made from primarily Mourvedre with smaller amounts of Grenache and Syrah. Rich and savory it's the perfect fall wine if you're looking for something full but not too heavy. 

Wine Podcasts

Ever wonder about the people behind that bottle on your table? We frequently listen to podcast interviews with the winemakers we carry in the store. 

Bill Easton is the proprietor and winemaker at both Easton Wines and Domaine de la Terre Rouge in Amador County, California.

Bill describes an era of post-Prohibition California winemaking that has largely disappeared, and explains why he decided to pioneer Rhone grape varieties in a corner of the state that was little known. Bill also is frank about his stylistic choices, and his decision not to embrace the fashionable 1990s style of big wines.

We carry several of Bill's Wines :

Terre Rouge, Tete-A-Tete GSM 2011 

Terre Rouge, Syrah Les Cotes De L'Ouest 

Terre Rouge Old Vines Mourvedre 2011 

Easton Amador County Zinfandel 2013 

Wine News & Articles

We read a lot of wine articles around here. If you'd like to see what we've been reading lately, check out my "Flipboard" Magazine!

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