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This Week’s Tastings (March 14 to March 17)

This Week's Tastings

Thursday, March 14th: French & Italian Wines
Friday, March 15th: Italian & New Zealand Wines
Saturday, March 16th: Whiskey, Coole Swan (in honor of St. Patrick's Day)

This Thursday, We Welcome Brian From Seaview Pouring Wines From France & Italy

La Ferme Du Mont Truffiere Blanc 2016
La Ferme du Mont is a relatively new and exciting estate in the southern Rhone valley. It's run by Stephane Vedeau, a 3rd generation winemaker with a great eye for detail. This tasting will feature two wines from this emerging winery. First up is their white Cote du Rhone, "Truffiere". Made from 50% Grenache Blanc, 40% Viognier, 10% Clairette, this is a terrific summer white. It's round and rich with beautiful notes of stone fruit and zippy acidity.

La Ferme du Mont "Le Ponnant" 2015
Looking for a good weeknight red? Our second bottle from La Ferme du Mont is a delicious Grenache dominant Rhone containing 60% Grenache, 30% Syrah, and 10% Mouverde. The Grenache comes from 60 to 90 year-old vines which give this wine great depth and structure. The nose is full of pretty violets, and black raspberries. The palate is savory and rich with notes of blackberry and spice. This one is a tremendous value!

San Leonino, Governo All'uso Toscano 2017
This week, we’re featuring two wines using a method of drying grapes. First, San Leonino, the producer of this red, uses the Governo method, a winemaking technique created in Tuscany around the 14th century. Slightly raisined grapes are added to the wine, triggering a second fermentation which increases body and softens the texture. The nose of this wine opens with aromas of sour cherries and a hint of spice. The palate is smoky, deep, and full bodied with notes of plum, and chocolate. Perfect for red meats! 
*A 10% discount applies to all tasting wines.

This Friday, We Welcome Jamie From Banville Pouring Wines From Italy and New Zealand

La Capranera Campania Falanghina 2017
La Caprana is a producer from Campania whose focus is on sustainable farming and producing organic wine from indigenous grape varieties. Their Falanghina is beautifully aromatic with a rich palate of peach, tropical fruit and lime. A mouthwatering wine!

Koha, Pinot Noir 2017
Te Pa is an award-winning winery out of New Zealand run by the Whanau family. They have a long history with the land where they farm, as their ancestors began living on the property in the 1800’s. This has given the family not only a long history on the land but a connection and understanding of the best sites for growing grapes. Koha is their second label focused on delivering quality, value driven wines and this Pinot Noir delivers on both fronts. It’s medium bodied with red fruit, clove, herbal notes and a balance of tannin and acidity. Pair this with salmon or pop open and enjoy on its own.

Farina, Rosso del Veneto 2017
Our second bottle to use dried grapes utilizes a method called, Appassimento, an Italian term for drying harvested grapes to concentrate the sugars and flavors. Traditionally this is done on bamboo racks or straw mats for anywhere between a few weeks to several months. This is also the same process used to make Amarone. This bottle has a full yet soft, luscious mouthfeel with intense flavors of dried fruit, plum spice.

*A 10% discount applies to all tasting wines

This Saturday, We Welcome Coole Swan
(in honor of Saint Patrick's Day)

Armorik Coole Swan Cream Liqueur  

A short distance to the Northwest of Dublin, in the County Meath,
the combination of a Fine Irish Malt Whiskey is blended with real
white Belgian chocolate, and natural dairy to create a smooth and
original experience. The objective was to make a delicious cream
liqeur. Their success is Coole Swan, "the best tasting Irish Cream
Liquer." Join us this Saturday evening, from 6 till 8, to experience
the creamy, chocolate, and nutty flavors of this fine Irish Liqueur:
"Coole Swan".
*A 5% discount applies to all tasting spirits

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Featured Spirits

GlenDronach Single Malts

We have added 2 scotches to our whisky collection from the GlenDronach Distillery.

Hidden away in the north-east corner of Scotland, the Forgue valley, deep in the East Highland hills, is where, we find the GlenDronach Distillery.  For almost 200 years, since 1826, these Master Distillers have been producing heavy and robust spirits, matured in sherry casks. GlenDronach profiles itself as:  "SHERRY CASK CONNOISSEURS"

The whisky produced has been recognized for their deep color and rich flavor profiles, which range from sweet fruity flavors to dry and nutty notes.

GlenDronach Original, Aged 12 Years 
The 12 year is a richly sherried malt matured in a combination of Spanish Pedro Ximenez and Oloroso sherry casks. The color is an inviting deep amber-red gold.  On the nose we get a creamy vanilla, some hint of ginger, and even a spiced mulled wine and pear.

On the palate is where we get some real excitement. We get a full mouth feel, warm with rich oak and sherry sweetness. We also get some spiciness with medium length and a dry finish. The ending is long, full and firm and slightly nutty.

The GlenDronach Peated

In contrast to the traditional, non-peated character of the GlenDronach, this particular whisky has, unusually, been distilled using peated malted barley. The GlenDronach ‘Peated’ pays homage to the peat historically used to dry the malted barley in the traditional floor matlings during the early days of the distillery. The subtle peated notes in this intriguing expression complement the classic GlenDronach Highland character and the  rich sherry notes drawn from the wood. (GlenDronach says it best, therefore, the previous paragraph was taken from their site).

The color of the peated is a beautiful harvest gold. Also aged in sherry casks we find that there is subtleness to the smoke we find in the Peated. The peat influence gives a smouldering charred wood character filled with freshly ground barley and hints of vanilla toffee.

On the tongue, we get some oak spice, barley and white pepper all complimented by the peat flavors. The subtle peat notes complement the palate by giving a delicate depth and dryness of glowing campfire embers. 

There are two nice single malts that will go a long way to warm the inner you on a cold winter’s night! 

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