Thursday, December 13, 2018

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Thursday, Dec 13th-Old World Wines
Friday, December 14th-Australian Wines
Saturday, Dec 15th-
Balcones Distilling  

This Thursday
We Welcome
Michael From Verity
Pouring Wines From 
Italy, Spain & France

Fiegl, Ribolla Gialla Oslavia 2017 
Orange wine has been around since ancient times but it's only recently that these wines have been attracting mainstream attention. The process of making Orange wine is similar to red wines, whereby white grapes ferment on the skins and seeds anywhere from hours to years. A revival of this process started about twenty years ago and Ribolla Gialla is one the grapes that's led the comeback. For this bottle, maceration on the skins last for 30 days. This gives the wine a dry, slight waxy quality which balances nicely with the fruit, citrus and light floral notes. This is a wine that will hold up nicely with bolder fish and meats that would be typically paired with reds.

Olivier Rivière, Rioja Rayos Uva 2017 
Olivier Rivière is from Cognac, France and his wine journey includes studying enology in Bordeaux and gaining practical experience in Burgundy. He decided to spend a couple of years consulting in Spain and he never left. In 2006, Rivièr began making his own wine but due of the cost of land in Rioja, he traded his farming skills in exchange for access to grapes from the best sites.Frustrated by the high prices for land and grapes in Rioja, he found a permanent home Arlanza, a relatively new DO located between Rioja and Ribera del Duero. All of the Rivière's vineyard sources farm organic with biodynamic practices. His Rayos Uva Rioja goes through semi-carbonic maceration in tank and is then aged 10-12 months in tank and foudre, delivering a wine that's fresh, bright and expressive with a spicy finish.

Catherine Le Goeuil, Côtes du Rhône 2015 
In 1993, Catherine Le Goeui bought a six-hectare domain in Cairanne. In the Southern Rhone. Soon after administering her first chemical treatment, she became very ill. Seeing a direct connection from her vineyard practice, Le Goeuil began the conversion to organic farming, a decision that helped make her a pioneer in the village. This bottle is comprised of 65% Grenache, 25% Syrah, 10% Carignan. It's smooth and savory showing notes of red and dark berry with supple tannin adding structure. Côtes du Rhône is a perfect cold weather wine this bottle is just what the doctor ordered.

A 10% discount applies to these wines when purchased during the tasting.

This Friday
We Welcome
Elish From Little Peacock 
Pouring Wines from Australia

Riposte The Dagger Pinot Noir 2017 
Riposte is a family owned and run winery which is now led by third generation winemaker, Tim Knappstein. Along with his sons, Nick and Dale, have developed a "hands on from vineyard to bottle" philosophy. Riposte keeps to a small portfolio of wines concentrating on quality over quantity. The Dagger has a lot to offer. With notes of plum, dark cherry and earth notes, it's a wine with depth and complexity.

Paxton, Graciano 2017
 Graciano is a Spanish varietal grown primarily in the Rioja region. After some research, winemaker David Paxton decided to graft one row of Graciano onto some old Chardonnay vines to see what the result would be. Turns out the varietal was well suited to the McLaren Vale. It's light and savory with bright red fruit, white pepper and soft tannin. 

Fairbank Sutton Grange Sangiovese 2015
The Italian grape, Sangiovese, was introduced to the Australian market about forty years ago but its only recently that it's begun to shine. Located at the southern edge of the Bendigo region, this winery sits at the foothills of Mt. Alexander. The vineyard uses biodynamic and organic methods. In addition, only native yeasts are used, harvesting is done by hand and the wine is kept in old French oak barrels. This medium body red has aromas of cherries and fresh garden herbs with a hint of tannin. Pairs beautifully with roasted or cured meats! 
A 10% discount applies to these wines when purchased during the tasting.

This Saturday 
We Welcome
6-8 PM

Balcones Whisky Brimstone
This is a 100% Hopi blue corn whiskey made in Waco, Texas. It's not required to be aged but if it is, it must be in UN-charred used oak barrels. Aromas of peaches and brown sugar lead to flavors of strong smoke, bacon and spice concluding with a salty, smokey finish.

Balcones Texas Single Malt Whisky 
This Texas made single malt has a Mahogany color, dried fruit on the nose with a nice full body and a silky smoothness. The palate has a bit of orange and toasted butter and finishes with toasted caramel and spice.

Balcones Baby Blue Whiskey
This smooth whiskey from Texas is made from 100% blue corn and aged in used barrels. It has a cotton candy sweetness and mint on the palate with a very easy dry finish. A lovely whiskey sip on.

A 5% discount applies to these spirits when purchased during the tasting.

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Game of Thrones & White Walker 

To Honor and Celebrate the final season of the HBO Series "Game of Thrones", Johnnie Walker has introduce White Walker.  

The NEW blend and limited edition will remind both Walker and Game of Thrones fans of winter. The smartly designed white bottle utilizes thermochromic ink to give fans a frosty surprise message when frozen. With flavor notes like caramelized sugar, vanilla, and fresh red berries, White Walker by Johnnie Walker makes for a delicious serve. The new blend is best served ice cold, inspired by the White Walkers beyond The Wall. 

The Limited Edition White Walker by Johnnie Walker made a nationwide icy launch in October 2018 and will be available while supplies last. 


* 1.25 oz White Walker by Johnnie Walker Scotch Whisky
* 5 oz Coconut Soda
* Lemon Wheel
* Mint Sprig 
* Glass: Highball 
* Ice: Regular ice  

1. Add 1.25 oz White Walker by Johnnie
Walker Scotch Whisky and 5 oz coconut
soda in a highball glass
2. Add ice to the glass
3. Stir for 2 seconds
4. Garnish with a lemon wheel and mint sprig  

(Some of this material was taken from the Johnnie Walker Scotch website)

Johnnie Walker White Walker 750ML

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