Friday, May 2, 2014

Derby Time

We're off to the races! But first, we are going to need to craft the perfect Mint Julep to get in the spirit. Here's Jess's spin on the Kentucky Derby classic:

1. First you need the Kentucky Derby and a big hat... Just kidding! Pick some mint fresh from the garden (or go to J&H next door to buy some). You're going to need around 5-8 leaves, or enough to layer a high ball glass. If you want to go for it and add a little extra mint you can add a little more.

2. Pour some simple syrup on next, about 2tsp or so. This is going to sweeten the deal. Don't know how to make simple syrup? It's just a 1:1 ratio sugar to water, shaken until it dissolves.

3. Now you'll want to muddle that sucker. The key here is to not kill the mint, just enough to lightly release the oils. DO NOT KILL THE MINT! When it gets a little bit darker you've reached the finish line.

4. Here's the part you've been dying for- Whiskey Time! 2-3oz (but seriously 3oz) of Woodford Reserve will add the kick you need. Woodford is the official whiskey of the race, so any substitutes will be cheating and the judges will subtract from your time.

5. Top it off with some crushed ice. If you don't know how to make crushed ice, take some ice and crush it. Stir to your desired cocktailness and garnish with a sprig to release your inner Southern Belle or Gentlemen.

6. Repeat as necessary. Inhibitions be damned, if you aren't yelling "Go, baby go!" at the TV you can just skip right back to step 4.

For a twist on the traditional flavor you can also try mixing in some blackberries or kiwi for a fruitier blend.

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