Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Terrace View - Summer Whites

Summer temperatures are heating up and the humidity is climbing. By now we're used to seeing customers with sweat drenched brows and reddened faces. The question... what to drink? As much as I love sipping and thinking, this is not the occasion for such relaxed pleasantries. I think we need something tall and chilled that one can drink in respectable quantities. With refreshment paramount, the order of the day is carried by crisp, light-bodied, unoaked wines with lower alcohol, snappy acidity and clean flavors. Fortunately there are several at excellent prices. Who are some of the players you ask?

Arca Nova Vinho Verde $9.99 - 11% alc, light and zingy, perfect for quaffing.

Blanc De Morgex Et De La Salle $11.99 - from one of the highest vineyards in Europe near Mont Blanc, the grape is Prie Blanc, it's super refreshing, like slightly salty mineral water.

Gertie & Max $10.99 - want to take a break from pinot grigio and sauvignon blanc? try this dry version of the Gutedel grape from Baden, Germany, delightful!

Domaine De Quatre "Papolle" $9.99 - crisp citrus from Gascony, a favorite at the June 22 tasting!

Berganze Vespaiola Frizzante $12.99 - lightly sparkling wine from the Veneto region of Italy, dry, floral, and super fun.

Medici Ermete Reggiano Lambrusco Secco $11.99 - sparkling red, deliciously fresh, 11% alcohol, if you like it you should put a chill on it!

These are just some of our favorites to try, there are many others this time of year. Don't forget that dry rosé is a great choice as well and we currently have over 20 different rosé choices for you. As always if you have any questions just ask!


Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Hard Charging Austrians!

If you around my age then you can remember Austrian skier Franz Klammer's hard charging downhill run to win gold at the 1976 Innsbruck Olympics, if you didn't see it click here.

What does Franz Klammer have to do with a blog post on Austrian wine? Well, nothing really except that for most of us all we knew of Austria was that they had world class downhill skiers. That has certainly changed, in fact the Austrians have a long tradition of fine wine production, it's just that we weren't really in touch with it here in New York City until the last decade or so. A couple of years ago I went to Austria and sampled some great wines which we were happy to carry in the store. Perhaps you remember some of the producers, Bauer, Hillinger, Steininger, Tegernseerhof?

Unfortunately, due to a variety of factors in the market, we were unable to stock some of these wines for a while. Happily I am able to report that because of a new dedicated distributor a lot of our favorites are back! Here's a short list of some of these wines, and a few other Austrian selections as well. Please try them, they are great.

Steininger "Young" $13.99 - delightful blend of grüner veltliner, sauvignon blanc, and muskateller, light and fun
Artner Rosé $13.99 - one of our favorite rosés this year, zweigelt and blaufränkisch, juicy, full, and dry
Bauer Gmörk Grüner Veltliner $13.99 - earthy savory with crisp citrus
Berger Zweigelt $15.99 - one liter bottle with a cap, cherry/plum, earthy, delicious 
Hillinger Small Hill Red $18.99 - merlot, pinot noir, st. laurent, smooth and plush blue fruits
Bauer Riesling "Berg" $19.99 - dry, limey citrus, oyster mushroom
Tegernseerhof Riesling Terrassen $22.99 - superb dry riesling, floral, mineral
Nikolaihof Grüner Veltliner "Im Weingebirge" $33.99 - serious and complex dry white wine, citrus, mushroom, white pepper, mineral
Tegernseerhof Grüner Veltliner "Höhereck" $48.99 - rich and complex, from hand worked terraced vineyard in the Wachau