Wednesday, January 11, 2012

One Liter Bottles are a Deal

We love the one liter bottles, they are a deal. Here is a list of several great things about them.

1. More wine, more fun.

2. As they frequently come with a screw cap or bottle cap, there's a refreshing casual attitude and lack of pretense. Most producers don't put their more "serious" wines in this format, just good, drinkable, everyday quality stuff.

3. The math is simple, you get 25% more wine than a standard bottle so if, for instance, you are buying the Mille Sauvignon Blanc at $12.99, that's the same as paying $9.75 for a750ml bottle.

4. We have a good and interesting selection of wines in 1L. Available for sale and consumption are fantastic lesser known grape varieties like torrontes, dornfelder, zweigelt and teroldego!

5. Here's a list of some available items in the 1L format:

Mille Sauvignon Blanc $12.99
Loca Linda Torrontes $17.99
Martinshof Sepp Gruner Veltliner $14.99
Mille Bardolino $13.99
Endrizzi Teroldego $16.99
Gaspare Vinci Nero D'Avola $16.99
Villa Travignoli Chianti Rufina $16.99
Schloss Muhlenhof Dornfelder 2010 $12.99
Berger Zweigelt $15.99




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