Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

Some of the most challenging wine questions we get every year have to do with Thanksgiving. A Thanksgiving meal is a usually a large, casual affair with a lot of different dishes and trying for the perfect match for specific dishes can be misguided. I like to serve several wines that are food flexible and non-fatiguing. Here are some strategies that can make your holiday meal more successful.

Try apples to start. Hard cider or apple wine is a perfect fall beverage and a great starter to turkey day. We have some West County Cider ($16.99) from the Berkshires and Wolffer Apple Wine from Long Island ($10.99), both are excellent.

Drink American. Many folks think that this classic American holiday deserves a homegrown wine and that's a great idea! Excellent choices are pinot noir from Oregon, California, and the Finger Lakes, gamay like Edmunds St John Bone Jolly ($18.99) or something unique like the Heitz Grignolino ($17.99).

White wine, really? Emphatically yes! Poultry and a full-bodied white is a classic so it's an excellent opportunity to have a white on the table. First choices would be Oregon pinot gris and domestic riesling.

Don't worry, serve several wines.
Thanksgiving is a big meal and if you have several guests it's enjoyable to have some different wines on the table. Experiment, relax, and have fun!

Don't forget the dessert wine. The sweet and savory flavors of pumpkin pie are perfect with an unctuous dessert wine. I love Eden Ice Cider ($29.99 for 375ml) from Vermont, if you haven't had an ice cider, you're missing out!

On the days before Thanksgiving we'll have a lot of our favorites on the floor for easy pickings so take a look.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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