Thursday, November 3, 2011

Spanish Wine: Value and Character

We are always happy to find wines that have good quality at a good price and even more so if they offer some interest and character. The wines from Spain definitely fall into this category. It's not surprising, Spain has a long history of wine production and a great wine and food culture. What is surprising is that some of these wines aren't more popular. Sure everyone knows Rioja and perhaps Cava, but not the vast quantity of great and affordable wines from a myriad of other regions.

Spanish wines come in a wide range of styles and one thing they are really great at is bridging the gap between old world and new world. Frequently the wines have a ripeness and forwardness that pleases fans of the modern style while retaining enough earthy, spicy flavors to appease the traditionalists. Aging the reds in oak barrels is a common practice, mostly in American barrels or a combination of French and American wood, with a lot of wines seeing a balanced approach that compliments the fruit rather than overwhelming it.

Here's a great list of wines to try along with their respective grapes and places of origin.


Seculo Blanca 2010, godello and dona blanca from Bierzo - $9.99
Eidosela 2010, albarino from Rias Baixas - $14.99
Blanco Nieva 2010, verdejo from Rueda - $15.99


Menguante 2008, garnacha from Carinena - $11.99
El Posadero 2010, tempranillo/syrah from Madrid - $11.99
Lorca 2008, monastrell from Bullas - $11.99

Labraz Rioja 2010, unoaked tempranillo - $12.99
Pinuaga Nature 2009, tempranillo from Castilla - $14.99

Sinergia Barrica 2007, monastrell/cabernet sauvignon from Valencia - $14.99
Vinedos De El Seque 2008, monastrell/syrah from Alicante - $14.99



  1. But I do love that you can just order a customized wine box without the wine so you are free to add the couple's favorite varietals yourself.


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