Saturday, June 25, 2011

Great Whites!

It's officially summertime and I wanted to highlight some beautiful full-bodied white wines that deserve more attention. These wines are big, extracted and not oaky. The hot climates that these wines come from have the sunshine and heat to push the ripeness resulting in big forward lush fruit flavors. They are super expressive and really fun to drink. Let's go first to France for a look.

Pascal Marthouret Condrieu 2007 ($49.99) - Viognier is the grape here and Condrieu is considered it's best expression. The wine starts with white flower blossoms on the nose and moves into silky, honeyed apricot in the mouth. Very soft and elegant. Even with it's size, it's nicely balanced and not over the top, especially for viognier.

Prieure Saint-Jean De Bebian Coteaux Du Languedoc 2006 ($28.99) - A blend of predominantly roussanne with bits of picpoul, clairette, and grenache blanc this wine is rich and honeyed with nectarine and honeysuckle notes. Super complex with balanced acidity make it a joy to drink.

Chateau Pech-Redon Coteaux Du Languedoc "L'epervier" La Clape 2008 ($16.99) - The little craggy solid chalk mountain of La Clape receives more sun per year than any other place in France and the Romans started the winemaking here about 2200 years ago. This white is organic and made from grenache gris and bourboulenc. I get a spectrum of yellow stone fruits here; apricot, peach, nectarine and even some orange peel. A nice herbaceous anise overtone adds complexity as well, a great wine for the price.

Line Shack Roussanne San Antonio Valley, Monterey, California 2009 ($17.99) - Now it's time for a California wine! This is a style that is done very well on the west coast. White Rhone varietals, unencumbered by new oak, excel in the heat and long California growing season. The Line Shack has intense varietal character with a feeling of thick and rich honeysuckle apricot nectar. Impressive.

Thomas Coyne Viognier, California 2009 ($18.99) - This very well made viognier is super tropical, I get coconut oils along with the typical honeysuckle notes of the varietal. Very rich, heady and expansive in the mouth it's a great price for large scaled viognier.

These wines are plenty of fun to drink on their own but if you are thinking of some food pairings I have some ideas for you. One way to go is to try rich shellfish like scallops, crab, lobster, and grilled shrimp. Pork chops, pork tenderloin with a fruit glaze, chicken with a cream sauce all work well as does something rich like liver pate or foie gras.



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