Wednesday, March 23, 2011

New Day, New Look

Welcome to the new! Combining the best of both worlds, we have taken the live, updated content from our blog, The Windsor Wine Wire, and the design scheme of the old website to produce our current baby.

Our Home Page:

1. No, we do not serve candy, soda, or ice cream. These stained glass windows have become a fixture of our store and, though we may have lost the errant customer here or there who couldn't find us because they didn't see the neon Liquors and Wines signs below these beautiful relics, we will not be removing them any time soon. More on these wonders in another post.

2. Right smack on the home page you will find the most recent Windsor Wine Wire blog entry. No need anymore to click around and jump from site to site; whether you knew us as or you can now find all of our info at one convenient location regardless of what url you type in.

3. Forgot when we open? Not sure if you can sneak in for one last bottle? Now, on each page of our site you can find our hours of operation and decide before braving the outdoors only to find the gate down and the lights off.

4. The menu bar at the top provides access to all of the content you could fancy about our little shop of wine and booze. Find some frequently asked questions, brief bios about our awesome staff, and (soon) info on upcoming tastings.

Take a look around, laugh, love, stay a while.

-E.C. ouch


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