Wednesday, February 23, 2011

What We've Been Drinking

So I thought I'd ask the staff here at Windsor to share some wines that they've been taking home and drinking lately. Since it's my privilege to write this column I get to go first:

Michael: My choice for a killler wine that I've had recently is Ottin Pinot Noir Vallee D'Aoste 2008 ($29.99). I'm not messing around, this is a wine that can pull you out of a bad day, make you feel good about the world, and remind you that mankind is capable of producing beautiful things. A great and unique expression of pinot noir that has a wonderful balance of tangy raspberries and savory meaty, brothy notes.

: Steininger Gruner Veltliner Sekt 2008 ($29.99) Anyone who knows my wine tastes knows that I am partial to sparkling wines that are rich and creamy. I don't often get these qualities from champagne, but I do from this sparkler and that's why it's my current favorite in the store. This bottle helps dispel the myth that only the grapes pinot noir and chardonnay make quality sparkling wine, and it's priced the same as the most inexpensive of true champagnes.

John: Domaine Guillot-Broux Macon-Chardonnay "Les Combettes" 2008 ($24.99) When Michael asked us to pick a wine we liked, I immediately chose the Guillot-Broux Macon Chardonnay Combettes 2008. I'm lucky. Michael is like my personal sommelier, he knows my tastes and picks out wines for me that he knows I'm going to like. Occasionally, however, for whatever reason, some wines stand out above others. Still I was a bit daunted writing about it, since like many wine neophytes, I'm better at knowing what I like than giving adjectives to describe it. When I told Kevin, who used to work here but now works at a wine shop in Rhode Island, he knew the wine well and excitedly wanted to write my description for me. Jason, who also used to work here, went further and actually wrote the following: "Brine and butter. A beautiful acidity dances over beds of rose petals, and limestone chalk blows from a dusty road". Say what? Let me just humbly say, it's delicious! I defy anyone who says they don't like Chardonnay to taste this and draw that same conclusion. It's like a creamsicle in a glass. It's $24.99, which is a bit pricey, but well worth the treat! Cheers!

Domaine Baron "Cot" Touraine 2008 ($14.99). I am really digging this wine right now because it reminds me how much more there is to malbec than jammy, in-your-face, Argentinian fruit bombs. This is a classic representation of how the French approach differs from New World counterparts. It introduces an herbal, earthy tone that is distinctly more subtle than most other malbecs AND it only costs a couple dollars more. A steal.

Domaine Sébastien Dampt Chablis 2009 ($21.99). I love this wine because it is a textbook representation of its class. I like it when a wine is exactly what it is supposed to be. Classic village level Chablis is supposed to be flinty, minerally, elegant, and ready to drink with a plate of oysters or some country pate with cornichons and crusty bread. That is exactly what this wine is -- Chardonnay in one of its most fresh, elegant, and food-friendly expressions. If you were to look up Chablis in the dictionary, the Dampt Chablis would be there, with a plate of oysters next to it. That is why I love this wine.

Nikolaihof Gruner Veltliner "Im Weingebirge" 2008 ($30.99). During my first week at Windsor Wine Merchants, Mig (Michael) told me that Austria has the best wines that most people have never heard of. Nikolaihof's gruner vetliner offers a refreshing, rich and creamy body, which are my favorite characteristics in a white wine. It has a smooth acidity and is very"mineral."

Devois de Perret Coteaux Du Languedoc 2009 ($11.99). Big task for me in my fledgling time at Windsor Wines. I'm going to pick the Devois because I've had it a few times and I find it to be a good strong-bodied French wine. I also feel this to be a nice bottle to bring to a gathering of friends.

So it's interesting that we have two chardonnays and two gruner veltliners among the bunch, one of them a sparkler! Check one of these wines out, they're great.



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