Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Vins de soif

As the hot summer weather quickly approaches I'd like to introduce you to a style of wine called "vins de soif." This roughly means a wine for thirst or a wine to quench thirst.We think of roses and some whites like vinho verde as refreshing choices in the summer but there are some reds that work as well. They are light in body and alcohol, have crisp refreshing acidity, and are best drunk cool. I frequently keep the wine in a wine bucket or pail of cold tap water to achieve this effect. Unfortunately it's a style we don't make too much of in the USA, which is a shame because it would be perfect for the hot climate in most of the country over the summer. Most of the wines we carry in this style happen to be French and they represent unpretentious wine culture at it's best. If you are thinking Beaujolais and gamay you are correct, along with some other wines made from cabernet franc, malbec, and grolleau. This is a beverage for drinking and it goes well with cold cuts, burgers, barbeque, salads, even grilled fish. Need a wine for hot dogs and potato salad? In fact it could be the new iced tea! Try one.