Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Ferret Pouilly-Fuisse

Domaine Ferret doesn't exist anymore. The Ferret family began the domaine in the late 1700's and started bottling under the family name in 1942. They were owners of some of the finest parcels of vineyard in Pouilly-Fuisse and also produced some of the best wines. Traditionally made wine, hand-harvested and raised entirely in barrel as with the custom of Burgundy. That all ended in 2006 when Colette Ferret passed on and there was no family heir to take her place. The domaine was put up for sale and eventually sold to a large wine company, I won't mention them but it's a name you would know. Rosenthal Wine Merchant brought the wines into the US for years and the remaining supply is tiny. We have a little. Both from 2005 we have the single parcel bottling "Les Moulins" at $32.99 and a "cru" bottling "Les Menetrieres" $48.99. I urge you to try them. They are full, racy, supremely complex chardonnay and available at a very fair price. A piece of history.



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