Thursday, March 4, 2010

French Chardonnay Under $20!!

I want to talk about 4 nice white wines from the Macon. Not the US State but that part of France just south of Burgundy where the whites are chardonnay. You don't like chardonnay, you say? Well there are more styles of chardonnay out there than anyone can keep track of and there are many great ones across all price points so that makes no sense to me. What's nice about the Macon is that you don't have to pay the higher prices for quality wines that you'd have to pay a little further north around Beaune. All of the wines in this post are $20 or less. Also, it seems that Spring is just around the corner, the days are longer and even a little warmer and it's making me think of some nice crisp white wines so let's go!

VRAC Macon 2008 ($10.99) has been a deal for years, no oak, it's a totally "drink me" wine with clean and crisp apple fruit. Typical style and a good value for a good basic chard from the Macon.

Domaine Fichet Macon-Villages "Terroir de Burgy" 2008 ($15.99) is also an oak-free wine, with telltale fresh apples but with a tad brighter acids, great freshness and a little more interest.

The next two wines have a few things in common. Although their styles are different, they both see some time in oak barrels, they're both organic, they're made from old vines, and they have great length and complexity.

Domaine Guillot-Broux Macon-Villages 2008 ($18.99) is harvested by hand from 40-year-old vines in Cruzille. Fermented on it's indigenous yeasts, the wine has a great deal of finesse, lemony and stony.

Dominique Cornin's Macon-Chanes "Serreudieres" 2006 ($19.99) is biodynamically raised from a 100-year-old single parcel of vines in Chanes. This is a fat wine, full with broad, round pears and a terrific underlying minerality.

These are really great wines to drink and they go with a lot of different foods. A favorite pairing for me is a ham sandwich on a baguette with either brie or gruyere and some spicy dijon mustard! Salads, roast chicken (especially leftovers) would be great as well. We love these Macons and I hope you have a chance to try them too.



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