Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A Rose for Winter?

I know this is not the season for rose. I actually have to confess that I took a bottle of this wine home last November, planning to have it as part of my Thanksgiving Day and just never got around to it. Last weekend I was poking around in my stash for a bottle to have with lunch and it just seemed to point itself out to me. It's possibly the best rose ever! Well maybe that's a little much but it's certainly a serious and delightfully unpretentious wine. Actually the label on the back says, "Red Wine, Produce of Spain" but I'd have to call it a rose. A big-boned rose with weight and a center that says "you could just quaff me but please pay attention as I have something to say." It's floral in a rosebud, geranium way with herbs in the background, very honest. We've had it in stock since October and really believed it was a great turkey day wine, I still have no doubt, but it sells at $19.99 and that's a little more than most people usually fork over for rose so we still have some. The wine is drinking great and deserves attention. A rose for winter? Why not?

"La vida en Rosa" Rioja 2008 from Olivier Riviere. Kudos to the folks at Louis/Dressner for bringing this to the States.


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